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Selecting the right awning for your project can be confusing. Try to keep in mind these factors when choosing yours.

(1) The right fabric for your project, makes a difference!
When selecting your fabric, choose something that will compliment your home and surrounding landscape. Decide if you want your awning to blend in with your home or become a focal point. Use the style of your home to help you decide.

(2) Pick fabric patterns that enhance your home!
When choosing a pattern, go with something that is proportionate with the size of your home and your awning. Small stripes may look too busy on a large awning, while wide-striped fabrics may overwhelm a small project.

With over 60 years of experience, our trained staff can assist you with an awning that you will be proud to own for years to come. With so many choices, today, it’s easy to add a scalloped edge, keyhole or notched-edge to your valance. And we'll show you how! Chat with one of our professionals Awning Experts about your awning project.

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