Austin Canvas and Awning

Custom Equipment


Austin Canvas & Awning develops industrial canvas and vinyl solutions for companies that require canvas parts for their production line heavy equipment and machines. We work with industry equipment manufactures to supply the necessary engineered canvas and vinyl parts for their production line models.

Using the latest CANVAS/CAD technology available, our engineers work with your engineers to create the best Quality fitted product imaginable. Next our production and assembly team go into full speed to carefully construct the top of the line performance product that your customers will enjoy and depend on! Your customers can also be proud that all of our manufactured industrial canvas and vinyl products are made in-house, in the USA.

Our staff of highly trained professionals put your needs first.  We pride ourselves on our materials and craftsmanship and it shows in every job we do! Give us a call to gain the advantage in you industry! (704) 921-0129"

Custom Industrial Canvas Equipment:

  • Vinyl Shoots
  • Vinyl Shrouds
  • Vinyl Filters
  • Vinyl Screens
  • Vinyl Collars
  • Vinyl Aprons
  • Vinyl Vents
  • Vinyl Redirectors
  • Vinyl Baffels
  • Vinyl Covers
  • Vinyl Walls
  • Vinyl Bags
  • Vinyl Containment
  • Vinyl Deflectors
  • Vinyl Funnels
  • Vinyl Window Shoots
  • Vinyl Viewable Pass Throughs
  • Just about anything you can imagine!